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BearLing t What the duck Art and Otp
MewArt What The Duck, Lovely Love Lie, Man In Love, Drama Movies,
Mew and Art SO CUTE
What the duck couples
Pin by lucci corners on What The Duck theseries in 2018 | Pinterest | What the duck and Otp
Pin by Kpop Trash on Mew/Art in 2018 | Pinterest | What the duck, Kpop and Actors
Pin by lucci corners on What The Duck theseries in 2018 | Pinterest | What the duck and Otp
I don't normally ship Sombra x McCree but this art is cute :3
Homestuck- Jade and Dave by Kayetart.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
adantuunes: ““ I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD! Hello my sweet little cupcakes. I'm so sorry for the lack of content, but I'm back, and I'm ok.damirae to warm.
Bearing the burden of unrequited love because her true love was already happy. I miss Mulan! I want her to ...
ducks-r-evil: “My favourite rarepair by my talented sister @animatedpretzelle
nani the fuck : Photo
I'm now replaying TCATF and I've been itching to make some fanart on my fave OTP. so… please welcome Kenna and Diavolos :)
I couldn't resist on drawing this two, they are my favorite couple from Homestuck characters belong to Andrew Hussie's Homestuck (: Jade and Dave
Me encanta como Ana tiene ahí bolsas de comida Overwatch Comic, Overwatch Memes, Overwatch
Lady and Shadow Avatar Zuko, Zuko And Katara, Team Avatar, Avatar The Last
McMercy is my OTP but I can also take McSombra 😊 Overwatch Fan Art, Overwatch
jake aranea - Google Search
... and Raven use pet names for each other? Like Damian calling Raven 'beloved'? Answer: Hello and thanks! 💜💜💜 And to answer your question…hmmm I never.
Inktober 2017: day 7
vicki on Twitter: "Captain Amari and Angela enjoying a tea break! (^
When I watched InuYasha for the first time which was when I was 15… now I'm 28 so, long time ago, my OTP was of course InuxKag. It never occurred to me ...
My entry for the Valentine's Day contest for the group The theme is to draw your favorite couple, so I did my OTP, Dave Strider and Jade .
Lintufriikki (@Lintufriikki) | Twitter Overwatch Genji, Overwatch Comic, Overwatch Fan Art
draw your otp I guess???
ladyfarona: “I can't draw noses (or any kind of anatomy)
just otp posting, nothing to see here keep it moving
glowgaming: “ thebigpalooka: “ godddd i'm so edgy, i'm so cool, look at this artwork piece mmmmmm aw yiss (I just think they're neat.
iml4,artist,Mercy (Overwatch),Overwatch,Blizzard,Blizzard Entertainment,
... "A look at my pharmercy charm without the yucky sample watermark ✨Pre-order your otps/squads here✨ https://t.co/Q43TdqgjBY… https://t .co/v1g1uJSNCz"
yuisartdays: “This boy needs some clothes ” junkrat Overwatch Funny Comic, Overwatch Memes
5. “
Honestly you just give the best requests, I love it and I ADORED doing this (I'm a space geek and logicality is my frickin otp aside from ...
She throws herself on the bed with a contented sigh, grinning into her pillow.
Ufff i did it! Day Two! Bail Me Out of This Bad Date @fuckyeahrobrae
tthheenn % 0 5 o t p % u 0 5 e v o a t BBuuyyaannddssave up vveenn!! e k a e r e b k o a t e r ll e b RReessell to
... pear orchard or sneaking into a neighboring farm to steal secrets on duck feed. Count them as one of my favorite OTPs (one true pairings) in the drama.
View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1486914348413.jpg, ...
FE Awakening: Ignatius' Playthrough (Part 7) by LhasaApso ...
As we wind down this Superman villain spotlight, I've noticed there's a villain archtype we haven't really covered yet— the dark counterpart.
(Art from the tenth anniversary edition of City of Bones!)
(Gorgeous art by Haunted Duck Princess!)
Nice to see Ursula and Akko are still working hard at getting Akko better at magic. Her improvement is great to see. Probably no one better to help Akko ...
(click to embiggen)
Lelouch started to grow on me. He's an extremely complicated character, and I have a real weakness for that. It helped that while Lelouch was painted ...
I'm taking a brief hiatus due to holidays, and I regret to leave things on the emotional gut-punch of “Oubliette”. Skinner, wherefore art thou?
Diana x Diana OTP
I Love My OTP
I drew the throne scene from @dameceles' fic, “Enthroned, Love and
Underground Battle Rap Artists
... I simply heard them and adopted them. If you find one that lacks a credit, please supply, ...
My demons told me to.
March 12 (Monday) OTP, Michael Kane &the Morning Afters, Headspace at Charlie's Kitchen
This warming touching message means a lot to me, I hope you like this thank-you note I drew specially for you!!! ( That's why I replied late QwQ ) *hugs*
With a gentle voice, he whispered, “Raise your head, Queen of Hoshido
Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck you. Lisbeth mastered One-Handed Maces before the Floor 76 glitch you putz. I think she knows her way around a fight.
The art is great and Shinobu has a bat yukata.
the fuck upper
FAN ...
... to the author.She handled this perfectly,staying in reality and not turning it into something artificial as some popular books out there had done it.
The Last Jedi: An Online Roundtable Part 5
Love this game, and can't wait for Yooka-Laylee to come around since Rare's abandoned the Banjo ship.
Jem ...
F-funi? The word you're looking for is "Japanese". "Language Arts" isn't a real subject, Funi.
Some dumb draw your otp and original art I did of some of the markiplier egos
As ...
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Sinon proving yet again she got the lion's share of the communal braincell. Kirito concedes the possibility, but reminds her of minimum stat requirements ...
Akahata and Maia by Ash Wood whose work you can check out here.
Tony and the cast of An Enemy of the People, directed by Professor Davis Robinson (Tony's first play at Bowdoin, spring 2007).
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They club together to get volume discounts. "If we get a hundred copies of Hyperbole and a Half, the wholesale cost goes down."
The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, August 20, 1893, 2, Page 6, Image 6 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress
I've seen people do otp prompts of stuff and I'd thought I
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